"Romantisches Cello"

Komponist: Camille Saint-Saëns, Victor Antoine Edouard Laló, Pablo de Sarasate

Interpret(en): Kerstin Feltz, Vogtland Philharmonie Greiz/Reichenbach, Doron Salomon

Aufnahme: 22.-24.10.2002

Qualität: DSD

EAN: 4260052380024

Bestell-Nr.: ARS 38 002

Preis: 21,00 €

Spieldauer: 55:59

Veröffentlicht: 13.11.2003

Die in vorliegender Einspielung zusammengefaßten drei Werke verbindet zunächst trotz großer Unterschiede in der musikalischen Sprache der Umstand, daß sie alle zwischen 1873 und 1878 entstanden sind. Nachdem sich die französische Violoncelloschule in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jh. zusehens entwickelte, wuchs folgerichtig auch das Interesse der dortigen Komponisten an diesem Instrument.

Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921)
Cellokonzert a-Moll op.33

  1      Allegro non troppo
  2      Allegretto con moto
  3      Un peu moins vite

Victor Antoine Edouard Laló (1823-1892)
Cellokonzert d-Moll

  4      Allegro maestoso
  5      Intermezzo
  6      Allegro vivace

Pablo de Sarasate (1844-1908)
Zigeunerweisen op. 20
first recording for cello and orchestra

  7.1    Moderato
  7.2    Un peu plus lent
  7.3    Allegro molto vivace


Kerstin Feltz, Violoncello
Vogtland Philharmonie Greiz/Reichenbach
Doron Salomon, Dirigent

Inhalt des Albums
Titel Dauer Bitrate   Aktion Preis
01. Saint-Saëns: Cellokonzert a-Moll op.33 (Allegro non troppo) 05:57  320 kbit/s   
1,20 € 
02. Saint-Saëns: Cellokonzert a-Moll op.33 (Allegretto con moto) 04:50  320 kbit/s   
1,20 € 
03. Saint-Saëns: Cellokonzert a-Moll op.33 (Un peu moins vite) 09:21  320 kbit/s   
1,20 € 
04. Laló: Cellokonzert d-Moll (Allegro maestoso) 13:11  320 kbit/s   
1,20 € 
05. Laló: Cellokonzert d-Moll (Intermezzo) 06:02  320 kbit/s   
1,20 € 
06. Laló: Cellokonzert d-Moll (Allegro vivace) 07:38  320 kbit/s   
1,20 € 
07. Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen op. 20 09:00  320 kbit/s   
1,20 € 
Titel Dauer Medium   Aktion Preis
Romantisches Cello 55:59 SACD  
21,00 €


Performance: 5 Sterne
Sonics (S): 5 Sterne

Bei (raffells) erschien am 08.01.2008 Folgendes über diese Cd:
"Probably the best recorded Cello Concerto disc ever?. My late winner of last years disc of the year. Also my most expensive and difficult to obtain but well worth it.
Compare the sound to Starkers similair MLP and you are light years away and very little difference in playing.I have been startled by the range in this recording by ?????? and ???? with ????? conducting.WHO?
Yes Ive been to Germany at least 15 times and have never heard of the places. Sorry Darland.
The playing and placement of the orchestra are nigh on perfect for these works.Titled Romantic Cello concertos its basically French when you consider Sarasates life was spent in that country.
The Saint Saens lighter and the more romantic is not overplayed that way. The Lalo is given a slightly more dramatic performance which matches the work and the nine minutes showpiece ending where the playing will astonish you gives you a perfect balance for a disc.
The booklet in German and English mentions Kerstin Feltz was born in Jena but not when, unkind photo of her in semi sephia on front cover could be 20 to 50ish there is a more youthfull portrait inside. I will buy anything she records in sacd now.
If you want demonstration discs of genuine high fidelity then buy this. Also if you want just under an hours perfect sounding cello and orchestra."
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