Duo Gobi Rhapsodie

Duo Gobi Rhapsodie

Gobi Rhapsodie, a duo with a unique and intriguing style at the intersection of Mongolian song, classical music and jazz, was born when classical pianist Susanna Tiertant met Mandakhjargal, a virtuoso of overtone singing and of the morin khuur or horsehead fiddle.

Goby Rhapsodie is an improbable encounter between two musical universes (Mongolian folk music and classical music), countries (France and Mongolia), and cultures.

Since their first encounter, Susanna and Mandakhjargal have developed an extensive repertoire of original and surprising pieces and arrangements based on traditional Mongolian songs.

In 2019, the duo created a theatrical performance for young people entitled “La Légende de Tsolmon” at the Jean Vilar cultural centre in Marly-le-Roi, inspired by their music and directed by Ulysses Barry. The performance was co-produced by Jeunesses musicales de France, Compagnie de 7h 10, and Le bureau du classique. It was followed by a nation-wide tour that allowed them to introduce their musical world and Mongolian culture to more than 24 thousand children all over France.

That same year, Gobi Rhapsodie won the Icart Sessions – Tremplin de jeunes musiciens at Le Carreau du Temple, which was broadcast on France Musique’s programme Ocora / Couleurs du monde.

In 2021, Gobi Rhapsodie were selected to join the Chaîne manquant scouting network for artists and concert promoters, which opens up great touring prospects for the upcoming season.

Since 2018 the duo has been supported and produced by Le bureau classique under the direction of Marianne Berthet-Goichot.

Mandakhjargal Daansuren

Mandakhjargal was born in Dundgovi province in central Mongolia and grew up in the steppe. His father, a recognized master of the urtyn duu (long song) and the morin khuur (the horsehead fiddle), passed on to him the art of this emblematic instrument of Mongolian music. Mandakhjargal’s mother and sister are also musicians.

Following studies at the music conservatory of Ulanbaatar, he began a promising career as a musician and teacher of the morin khuur.

Later that same year Mandakhjargal embarked on travels around Europe to promote the traditional music of his native Mongolia with various ensembles and musicians including Argusan (album: Notre âme), Uvidas, Mathias Duplessy et les Violons du monde, Sakhius, Duo Yidjam, among others.

Mandakhjargal continued his studies of composition at the Conservatory in Lyon and computer-aided music at conservatories in Paris. In 2016 he released his first album, La Mélodie de Gobi.


Susanna Tiertant

Susanna Tiertant began playing the piano at the age of four. She studied piano and chamber music at the music conservatories of Avignon and Rueil-Malmaison, followed by a Masters degree in performance and pedagogy at the University of Music in Geneva, Switzerland. She continued her studies at the Bill Evans Piano Academy in Paris.

As the founder the Compagnie 7h 10, Susanna Tiertant performed as a pianist and as an actress. Following the premieres of Le Renne du soleil and Contes de l’isba, Compagnie 7h 10 were invited to perform at numerous French theatres and venues including La Cité de la Musique, the opera houses of Tours and Valence, and major theatrical stages such as Ferme du Buisson, Le Grand R, and l’Espace Jean Legendre. Susanne is writer for the show Sol, quelque part sure la route entre Paris et la lune, which premiered at the Avignon Off-Festival in 2016 and staged again at the Opera House in Tours.

Her passion for the performing arts inspired her to participate in a wide variety of projects and musical performances such as Entre ciel et terre, Journal d’une apparition (together with Compagnie Incandescence), L’enfant et les sortilèges (with Musiques à Ouïr und JMFrance), J’ai soif (with Ensemble Serge Barbuscia), Portraits chinois (with Compagnie 7h 10), and Diva’gations (with Jeunes talents and Le bureau du Classique).

Susanne explores various musical repertoires including classical and jazz, but also traditional Eastern European music traditions with the ensemble Eastern Chorba, whose debut album will be released in November 2021.

Susanna recently founded the duo Framboise et Caetera, with whom she revisits the French chanson and prepares a comedic show around feminism.

Susanne Tiertant is an associate artist of the PianO du lac touring festival and has performed at numerous lakes in Spain during the 2021 season.

Le Bureau du classique

The duo Gobi Rhapsodie and the present album Nar are supported by Le Bureau du Classique, a production office specializing in live musical performance.

Our sensitivity leads us above all to projects in classical music, with a sober and elegant aesthetic, but we also very much open to other types of repertoire and at the intersection with other art forms. What matters to us most of all is the urgency of interpretation, the authenticity of the artistic approach and the strength of the project.

Whether in traditional concerts or musical theater, the musical canon or creativity, at times with forays into chansons or traditional repertoire: we are always on the lookout for excellence in the service of artistic intent.

In a rapidly changing world, we are contributing to the invention of new economic models that allow artists to benefit from a professional structure without the constraint of individual administrative procedures that are sometimes cumbersome and complex. We position ourselves as a true and reflective partner of artistic teams in a continuous and equitable relationship.

Moreover, we are deeply attached to the proximity with the public and to the cultural support of rural territories. This is why we produce and develop our projects, together with our artists or with local partners, as close as possible to our audience, particularly in the area of the Loiret and the Centre-Val de Loire region where we are based.