Heike Matthiesen

Heike Matthiesen is one of the world’s leading specialists on the subject of women composers, derived from many years of research. Her concert programmes regularly feature new discoveries of forgotten music as well as newly commissioned works.

Born in Braunschweig, Heike Matthiesen now lives in Frankfurt. In addition to her worldwide concert activities, she is the director of the Frau und Musik Archive.

Heike Matthiesen has released four solo recordings to date. Her performing career includes chamber music appearances at Villa Musica and collaborations with the orchestra of the Frankfurt Opera.

Following her studies at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Heike became a master student of Pepe Romero, who transformed her into a full-blooded soloist and thus laid the foundation for her international career.

Heike Matthiesen represents a new type of artist—polyglot and media-savvy, with a presence on social media and as a communicative ambassador for classical music.

Guitar Divas is Heike’s first of several recordings for ARS Produktion.