Quinta Essentia

Quinta Essentia is one of the leading chamber music ensembles in Brazil and one of the few groups highlighting the recorder in different musical realms. The quartet has been considered the main representative of Brazilian recorder practice since its founding in 2006 with performances in Italy, Germany, China and Namibia. Their most recent tours included performances at the 10th International Festival of Renaissance and American Baroque Music (“Misiones de Chiquitos”) in Bolivia and in France at the Les Festes Baroques en Terre des Graves et du Sauternais. Quinta Essentia continually takes the recorder to new venues throughout their home country of Brazil.

Winner of numerous awards, Quinta Essentia is building an important discography for recorder. Their CD La Marca (2008) was the result of a 2007 Stimulus Award from the Secretary of Culture of São Paulo. Their second album Falando Brasileiro (2013), established the group’s presence on the national chamber music scene in Brazil.

The collection of instruments used by Quinta Essentia is comprised of ancient and modern instruments. In addition to the well-known baroque recorders, the ensemble makes use of a Renaissance consort by luthier Adrian Brown, modern recorders such as the square bass recorders, harmonic recorders (Helder and Tarasov), Adri’s dream recorders, and Eagle recorders—the newest members of the consort. This collection of unique instruments makes each concert a rich experience for the audience, both visually and aurally.

Members of Quinta Essentia are educators as well as performers. Educational activities by the quartet help build new audiences for chamber music and promote the recorder as a viable concert instrument. To increase awareness of the recorder on the national level, Quinta Essentia created ENFLAMA–National Recorder Meeting in 2007, organizing three of the seven annual conferences that brought together recorder players from several Brazilian states and from many other Latin American countries as well.

Quinta Essentia includes a wide range of repertoire in their concert programs blending original works for recorder with transcriptions, arrangements and adaptations that reveal the diversity of the recorder and its family of instruments. The work of Quinta Essentia has resulted in a noticeable increase in the amount of music written for the recorder, and a resurgence in interpretation research. Quinta Essentia champions the recorder, its history and its future, thus breathing new life into an ancient instrument and its repertoire.