Vogtland Philharmonie 

The Vogtland Philharmonic Orchestra Greiz/Reichenbach was founded in 1992 as a joint project between the German states of Thuringia and Saxony, and is thereby unique in Germany. It was conceived as a continuation and development of more than 150 years of orchestral tradition in Vogtland. Continuity and versatility are important criteria in the Vogtland Philharmonic Orchestra’s engagements, with a particular commitment to the established traditions in Greiz and Reichenbach as well as the whole local area of Saxony-Thuringia. Guest appearances have taken “the region’s musical messengers” to all the important musical centres in Germany, as well as to Austria, Spain, Denmark, France, China, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the USA.

They give an unusually wide spectrum of different performances and con- certs. Whether it be symphonic concerts, choral accompaniments, “Classics under the Stars”, concerts in historical costumes, prom concerts, chamber music performances and serenades at historic sites, the annual cooperation with the International Instrumental Competitions of Klingenthal and Markneukirchen, or the Stavenhagen Competition, in Greiz, there is almost no limit to their musical possibilities. In order to reach new audiences, the orche- stra has successfully developed special projects such as “Kids meet Classic”, “Sounds of Hollywood” and “Philharmonic Rock”. A series of educational concerts also encourages the growth of audiences amongst Vogtland’s music enthusiasts. In recent years they have recorded a series of CDs in the most various musical genres.